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  • Peel Adhesive

    Peel adhesive

    Peel adhesive

    Product categories:Peel Adhesive

    consultation QQ: 點擊這里給我發消息

    Telephone consultation:0660-3352918

    Product Specialist:Mr. Zhang 18015411234

    • Product description
    • Product parameters

    Film senor for glass, anti acid, anti alkali, anti fouling, anti scratch protective effect.


    1, good temperature resistance, can withstand 250 degrees (the highest temperature does not exceed 250 degrees, will not cause damage);

    2, water resistance, immersed in the water at 25, 6 hours without effect;

    3, acid and alkaline, 30 of the solution for 5% minutes without effect;

    4, film good, and has a good toughness and softness, exposing the time does not fracture;