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    Product categories:LOCA

    consultation QQ: 點擊這里給我發消息

    Telephone consultation:0660-3352918

    Product Specialist:Mr. Zhang 18015411234

    • Product description
    • Product parameters

    Special adhesive for bonding of transparent optical components. With colorless and transparent, the transmittance of more than 98% of the nature. Its adhesive strength is good, can be in the normal temperature or medium temperature conditions and curing and has the curing shrinkage rate of small, yellow change, mainly for the touch screen and LCD screen


    1 colorless and transparent

    2 the transmittance is extremely high can reach 98% or more

    3 bonding performance

    4 cure shrinkage of small

    5 yellowing resistance

    6 repair of.

    7 refractive index 1.476